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Big Ideas: “A dashboard to monitor your remote workforce” with Alex Konanykhin, CEO of TransparentBusiness… https://t.co/5ukcj1UpRk
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To join in on discussions on how we structure our organization, visit our Community Learning Forum at… https://t.co/jgFKRPVVIF
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Now that we are on the same page on fragrance transparency, how about unblocking me @PaulPolman?… https://t.co/NuFFm8UuXX
STINK! @StinkMovie
Unilever did it and they didn’t have to. Real leadership; game changing move. The bar is raised. The fragrance loop… https://t.co/vYeEJ9ZBsU
STINK! @StinkMovie
We hope the fragrance industry lobby will congratulate @unileverusa too. What do you say @Make_Scents?… https://t.co/xx7jZjDSxC
Jon Whelan @NetReturn
Congrats to Unilever for closing the fragrance loophole! Really amazing. Now that you’re on a role, can we get you… https://t.co/uxiOZtCiXI
UnileverUSA @unileverusa
Wondering what "fragrance" means on the ingredients list of your favorite products? We make it clear:… https://t.co/JglYMVw37w
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Investors, check out this new private equity opportunity. #transparentbusiness #2ndround #remoteworkersolutions C… https://t.co/H9LC0nwnrQ
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Feeling super proud to present our #transparentBusiness platform as a solution to eliminate overbilling fraud in se… https://t.co/fPiMPLhP3F
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What is the "dog food" test? Can it really distinguish those who walk the walk from those who talk the talk?… https://t.co/TsRJ2cliaA
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I endorse #Transparentbusiness as your next #investment opportunity. Contact me today to learn more. #equityhttps://t.co/nECO8Wi83Z
SignatureBusiness @heatherpmp
#transparentbusiness is accepting new investors for #2nd round equity opportunity. #Contactme to learn more. Must… https://t.co/QAfKDQXQ6L
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Want to gain respect from employees and customers alike while boosting public perception of your brand? Try… https://t.co/p1iUmVeqzH
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'Firms urged to follow @MercedesBenz in Indian mica supply transparency' #SupplyChain #TransparentBusinesshttps://t.co/9xwWt3QsFP
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Bitcoin's Collapse is the Theme of TransparentBusiness' Advertising Campaign - https://t.co/0VB9ebtcic… https://t.co/QfxzEKj88L
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Fast Fashion has become one of the biggest sources of pollution in the world and it's estimated that the textile in… https://t.co/97oLBOgSlV
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Deputy Minister of Finance @tmukupe presenting on Policy responses by GoZ to promote #CorruptionFree &… https://t.co/npBjyWZGnn
Shone Farayi @shonefarayi
@transparencyzim is hosting a Business RoundTable discussion @monomotapahotel Topic: Is Zimb Open for… https://t.co/mX8PXvXot8
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