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Adrenia allows you to create customized displays for all your social feeds, so brands can maximise the visibility and reach of their SMM campaigns.
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Build a brand sandwich

Merge branded content with user generated ingredients like hashtags, social media feeds, videos, podcasts and blogs into one cohesive display.

Choose the right fit

Suit yourself by customizing your social media wall to fit in with your brand. A few quick clicks can change the color, template and design of your grid.

Stay calm & filter your content

Moderating your content is the safest way to clean out unwanted social media posts. Adrenia lets you accept or reject posts instantly so you stay in control.

Show ‘em your social skills

Implant your social media wall into your website or connect to the display on any platform with a browser.

See if it’s working

Our built-in analytics system allows you to process data that will inform and improve your future marketing strategy.

All your content in one place

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About us Learn how we can help you

Adrenia sets up brands and businesses with the social life they need to connect with their customers. Integrating social media into your website, mobile app, event wall or TV display is an evolution of social media marketing. Followers are already invited into the human side of a business, whether it’s through a shared industry insider tip or a photo of the latest office prank.

But what about everyone else?

Adrenia extends an invitation to newcomers navigating a website or mobile app for the first time. Displaying all social media feeds in one place generates increased visibility and broadens the scope for interaction and engagement.

Mount any social media page, #campaign, blog, podcast or tagged location to your display wall and embed it into any business platform you use. Our customisation tool allows you to tailor your display to fit the style and design of your brand and you can filter the content so that only the best is displayed.

Social media has been bridging the divide between companies and their customers for years. Adrenia is our way of bridging the divide between social media and the brands and businesses they speak for.